You are Cordially Invited to the
CYC Annual Meeting & Dinner
Sunday, December 11, 2020 at 5:00 PM??? at the Clubhouse

A delicious dinner buffet has been arranged for 2019's General Meeting.

Date:   Friday, 11 December.

 Cocktails and appetizers start at 5:00 P.M.

Buffet opens at 6:00 P.M. with Salad,  two Entrees and several Side Dishes , finished with Dessert.  
Things have been pretty quiet this year thanks to COVID. However; We are not just giving up on events. Making one last try by holding the annual meeting and 60’ s party at the club house on Friday December 11. This of course is all subject the guidelines in place come December. Time will be announced at a later date.

So block off the date and keep your fingers crossed. Besides the annual meeting bring along your fond memories of the sixties. They will be tested on trivia and music.

Catered meal, wine beer and mystery drinks.

There will be a meeting to elect next year's officers, and for discussion about goals and suggestions for improvements,

also a chance to support the activities which were winners.  
 More corn hole?
Another Poker Run,? with a twist?
A boat cruise to Banana Island?
A Pontoon, Power boat, Kayak, raft up off Colington Beach with Water Volleyball? Polo?
More Pursuit races, less Pursuit races?  What are your thoughts?

Annual Meeting Agenda (proposed)

1.      Call to order –             Commodore

 Thank you to everyone for coming and hope you have a nice evening. Business should not take long. 

2.      Attendance – Secretary

Do we have a quorum counting proxies

      3.      Reading and Approval of Minutes – Secretary


4.      Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer

     Budget  2019 Questions


5.      Thank you to last year’s board


6.      Nominating and Election of Officers – Past Commodore

a.       Nominations


                    i.      Commodore –                      

                  ii.      Vice Commodore–              

                iii.      Rear Commodore –             

                iv.      Past Commodore–               

                  v.      Secretary-                           

                vi.      T reasurer –                        

              vii.       Fleet Captain –                    

          x      Youth –                             


b.      Call for Nominations from the floor

c.       Call for motion to approve slate of officers for 2020


7.                  Old Business – Commodore

a.       Wednesday Night Series Awards


Non Spinnaker  Class

                                                              i.            Third Place –

                                                            ii.            Second Place –

                                                          iii.            First Place –



b.      Al --   Youth Sailing Program -


8.      New  BusinessCommodore

a.       2021 budget –Treasurer 

                    i.      Highlights

                  ii.      Vote on 2020 Budget

b.      2021  Commodore Past and Future Goals -

                    i.      Review all races and look for ways to modify to improve participation

                  ii.      Build value for membership-  Survey forms

                iii.      Youth Sailing- Take part in  March in St Pat’s parade


9.      Announcements – Commodore


10.  Adjournment – Commodore


** Nominations for CYC officers may also be made via e-mail or from the floor at the meeting.   If you have an interest in a particular office, you may also nominate yourself. 

Please send e-mail nominations to and