Colington Yacht Club General Meeting 2016 Minutes

7:36 P.M. 9 December 2016 at Rooster’s Restaurant




 I        Call to Order

            Commodore Rick Hildebrant called to order the Colington Yacht Club 2016 General Meeting.


II        Attendance

Board members:







Rick Hildebrant



Jeff Brown

Fleet Captain


Val Morton

Vice Commodore


Al Douglass

Youth Program


Alex Dobrow

Rear Commodore


Scott Morton



Greg Florence

Past Commodore


Sharron Hildebrant



Secretary Notes the following proxies mailed in: Robert Pietuszka with Lyn Snyder, Adam and Kat Morgan, Don Wheeler, Jim Davis and Annemarie Evans.  48 attending including Board Members. We have a quorum.

III       Reading and Approval of Minutes

·         A motion was made to waive the reading of the minutes of last year’s meeting, copies of which had been distributed.

A motion was made by Diana Miller , seconded by Greg Florence , to approve  minutes of the                         meeting. All were in favor.


IV      Treasurer’s Report

·         Rick reported 2016 Budget Actual In lieu of Treasurer


A motion was made by Roger Dow and seconded by Jan DeBlieu to accept the Treasurer’s report.  All approved.

V Thanks to 2016 Board

·         Rick recognized the 2016 Board as noted above and thanked them for their service.

·        Rick especially thanked Fleet Captain Jeff Brown for his help in 2016 and presented him with an engraved gift, noting that he will be leaving with his family for the British Virgin Islands shortly, and all wished him well.

VI Nominating and Election of Officers


Past Commodore Greg Florence was introduced and reported that although he had communicated with our membership verbally and by e-mail, he did not have a full slate of nominees for 2017, specifically no nominee for Fleet Captain, or for Rear Commodore. He talked of the importance of “many doing for the many” sharing the work of the CYC.

He mentioned that George Litwin has offered to fill in as Committee Boat for races, and that many tasks of a Fleet Captain, such as scheduling are already nearly in place and that two former Fleet Captains may be on the new board to help a new Fleet Captain.

Slate of nominees:


Rick Hildebrant

Vice Commodore

Jason Hathcock


Annemarie Evans


Scott Morton

Youth Sailing

Al Douglass and Allan Norton

Past Commodore

Greg Florence


Rick asked for nominees from the floor.

Ryan Hatch was nominated as Fleet Captain.

Tom Komsi was nominated for Rear Commodore.

A motion was made to accept the Slate by Roger Dow, seconded by J.C. Falconer, All in favor.


Rick noted that he appreciated having a full board.


VII   Old Business


1.     Wednesday Night Series Awards

Non-Spinnaker Class

·         First Place: Impulsive- Skipper Watson

·         Second Place Traveller-  Skipper Shawn Murphy

·         Third Place   Bahari- Skipper Lawrence Battalie

Spinnaker Class

·         First Place:  Freedom- Skipper- Bob Carter

·         Second Place- Minor Threat- Skipper Mike Robinson

·         Third Place Gritz2- Skipper  Jeff Waters


2.     Club Championship Awards

First Place- Traveller Skipper Murphy

Second Place- Impulsive- Skipper Watson

Third Place Deja vu – Skipper Jim Davis


3.     ASSA Overall awards 2016

·         Contact PRYC for results???


VIII Youth Sailing Program-


In 2016 the program expanded to 34 students, 16-19 volunteers and three US Sail Certified Instructors.  The fee was raised from $ 25.00 to $ 75.00, for the whole four-week program.  An additional Topaz was bought, and again, one more was a loaner. Other used boats were added, and two Opti’s were once again loan to the Program by the Dow and Hathcock families.

Another very successful year.


Al Douglass recognized Allan Norton as co-director and Certified Instructor Gene Meecham, and  Ryan Hatch, particularly,  then asked all helpers to stand and be recognized for their work. He thanked the Club as a whole for the continuing support.


He disclosed plans for a Third Open Regatta, to include Manteo, New Bern, and the former Nor’Banks Sailing schools. Wants to encourage our young sailors to attend each of their regattas as well.  Feels we are developing a Premier sailing program in our area.


IX  2017 Budget


Copies of the proposed 2017 Budget had been distributed.  Rick noted that the format is changed by Scott to a ledger form with expenses and revenue coded for easy entry.


There were no questions.

A motion was made by George Litwin and seconded by Ryan Hatch to approve the


Budget.  All approved


 X New Business


Rick gave a short review of last year, mentioning added value of Pursuit races, raftups, and the recent GAM. And hoped to continue having progress in a vibrant boating season, and social events for the enjoyment of the membership.


XI Announcements


1.February 25th 2017, Change of Watch and Silent Auction at Captain Georges Restaurant.

2. March 25th 2017,  Spring KickOff, venue not set at this time.


XII  Adjournment


A motion was made by Diana and seconded by George Litwin to adjourn the meeting, and all were in favor.



Minutes submitted by Sharron Hildebrant, Secretary of 2016 Colington Yacht Club