Colington Yacht Club Annual Meeting 2017 - Pending

Sunday, December 10, 2017, at Rooster’s Restaurant


 I        Call to Order


Commodore Rick Hildebrant called the Annual Meeting of the Colington Yacht Club to order at 6:55 pm on Sunday, December 10, 2017, at Rooster’s Restaurant.


II        Attendance


Board members:








Rick Hildebrant



Ryan Hatch

Fleet Captain


Jason Hathcock

Vice Commodore


Allan Norton

Youth Program



Rear Commodore


Scott Morton



Greg Florence

Past Commodore


Anne Marie Evans




Rick noted that eight proxies had been received.  There were approximately 40 members attending including Board Members, which constituted a quorum of 33% the current 67 members.


III       Reading and Approval of Minutes


Copies of the minutes of last year’s meeting had been distributed.  A motion was made by Allan Norton, seconded by Diana Miller, to approve minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting. All were in favor.


IV      Treasurer’s Report


Scott Morton provided the Treasurer’s report.  He explained unanticipated expenses included four new Opti boats that were purchased for the Youth Sailing program and new race marks and tackle that were purchased for the club events.  The club has a bank balance of approximately $13,000 and anticipates end-of-year balance of $11,000 after December expenses. 


A motion was made by Jim Davis and seconded by Ryan Hatch to accept the Treasurer’s report.  All approved.


V Thanks to 2017 Board


Rick recognized the 2076 Board as noted above and thanked them for their service.


VI Nominating and Election of Officers


Past Commodore Greg Florence reported that although he had communicated with our membership verbally and by e-mail, he did not have a full slate of nominees for 2018, specifically no nominee for Fleet Captain, Treasurer or for Rear Commodore.  He asked members to think about volunteering to serve in one of these positions. 


He acknowledged that George Litwin and others had filled in as Committee Boat and Mark Boats for several races, and that many tasks of a Fleet Captain, such as scheduling are already nearly in place.  Ryan Hatch, previous Fleet Captain, Greg and Jeff Waters can fill in to cover these duties.  Youth Sailing Coordinator Allan Norton is seeking a person to handle the organizational responsibilities for the Youth Sailing Program. 


Slate of nominees:


Commodore – Scott Morton

Vice Commodore - Sharron Hildebrant

Rear Commodore -

Past Commodore – Rick Hildebrant

Secretary – Anne Marie Evans

Treasurer –

Fleet Captain -

Youth Sailing - Allan Norton


Rick asked for nominations from the floor.


George Litwin nominated Ryan Hatch as Fleet Captain, and he agreed to serve.

Doug Miller nominated Diana Miller as Treasurer, and she agreed to serve.

There were no nominations for Rear Commodore.


A motion was made to accept the Slate by George Litwin, seconded by Val Morton. All were in favor.


VII   Old Business

Race Awards


1.     Wednesday Night Series Awards


Non-Spinnaker Class


Third Place:  Bihari, Skipper Lawrence Battaile

Second Place: Traveler, Skipper Shawn Murphy

First Place:  No Name, Owner John Noyes, Skipper Scott Morton


2.     Club Championship Awards


Third Place:  Naughty Newfie , George Kendall

Second Place:  Traveler, Shawn Murphy

First Place:  No Name, Scott Morton and Greg Florence


Rick presented awards to George Litwin and Steve Musil for their efforts in supporting the program.


2018 Budget


Scott presented copies of the proposed 2018 Budget.  He explained that there would be additional expenses to expand the Youth Sailing Shed and to extend the Youth Sailing program.  He noted that there were currently 67 members paying dues and that other income would come from the Youth Sailing Program and other fund raisers. The proposed budget will have a deficit of about $5000, which can be comfortably covered by current funds, leaving nextyear’s balance expected to be $6,000 to $7,000.  George Litwin asked about cost savings over the summer due to cancellations secondary to weather. There were no other questions.


A motion was made by George Litwin and seconded by Mark Adams to approve the Budget.  All approved.  Budget is attached. 


Youth Sailing Program

Allan Norton reviewed the history of the Youth Sailing Program, starting in 2005 with Keith and Nancy Brightbill (and their son Brian) with a few other club kids getting community support to have wooden Optis built in Manteo. Jim Geraghty organized donated material and labor to construct the Youth Boat Shed. Don and Louise Dow of Colington Harbour became involved in 2008 by becoming members of CYC, lending two Optis that their son had constructed and attending a US Sailing School for Level I instructors.  Eight youth were enrolled, and the program was free and funded by the silent auction with the help of Towne Bank. The fees were raised to $25 as the young sailors were made junior members of  CYC and covered by the Club’s insurance.

The youth sailing program has grown dramatically since that time.  In 2012, we had 10 sailors who took 15 classes with a fleet of 6 Optimist dinghies and 4 sunfish.  It was an excellent program.  In 2013 we had 15 sailors and 7 dinghies.  By 2015, we taught 23 young sailors with a fleet of 10 Optimist rigged dinghies and 4 Sunfish. A Topaz was bought and another loaned from Nor’ Banks along with a Taz.  Adult volunteer help and participation has increased each year. 

In 2017 the program expanded to 34 sailors, 19 volunteers and 3 US Sail Certified Instructors. We also  raised the fee from $75 to $100, for the whole four week program. An additional Topaz was purchased, and again one more was a loaner, In addition 12 used Optis were purchased from Elizabeth City. Older wooden Optis were retired.   It was a successful year for the CYC youth Sailing.

With Al Douglas’s retirement we need additional help. We could use another U.S. certified instructor, but desperately need someone to do organizational work, which was one of Al’s great assets. If you are interested, see one of us one the board.  We will be having an organizational meeting in February.   

Further we are reducing the number of sailors down to a more manageable number, 24. We are also changing the age limits to participate in the program. They will now be 10 to16 years of age.  Sailors above the age of 16 will be allowed to take courses to become instructors and can continue to participate in the program as Assistant Instructors.

George Litwin commented that the boats are underused much of the year and could be used by trained youth at other times.  Rick added that youth can do so whenever they would like with previous reservations.  Allan noted that this was under consideration by the Board and that the boats could also be loaned to the newly-formed sailing club at First Flight Middle School.

Silent Auction

Val Morton described plans for the Silent Auction held with the Change of Watch dinner in February and encouraged members to solicit donations from area businesses and individuals.  She will be sending information to members.

Comments by Vice-Commodore

Sharron Hildebrant talked about the lunches that are offered to Youth Sailors weekly during the month of July and after the Regatta.  These usually involve about 40 people.  She asked for help in organizing supporting these lunches, but especially in taking responsibility for the Female Skippers picnic.  See Sharron if you are able to help.


Commodore’s Report


Rick gave a short review of last year, including the following topics:

·         Continued interest in Pursuit races

·         Growth in our membership – membership increased from 60 to  67

·         The problem of dredging the inlet was resolved through cooperation with the CHA establishing the Inlet Committee.

·         Build value for membership- Quality sailing opportunities , raft-ups, a corn hole tournament, the winter GAMS were well attended. Look for some winter GAM fun in January.

·         Youth Sailing-  Al Douglas after 5 years has retired as the youth sailing co-leader.

·         Take part in  March in St Pat’s parade(weather cancelled)

·         The Kelly Cup has ended with the retirement of Mike Kelly.  We will be seeking another sponsor.

·         The permit to enlarge the youth shed was approved by both Dare County and CHA. Construction has been slowed but will have the shed ready for next year’s youth sailing

·         Sign-up sheets, asking everyone to volunteer for at least one event.

George Litwin was recognized to thank the Commodore for his work over the past two years and to propose raising the dues from $75 to $100 per year.  George moved that the dues be increased to $100 effective in the new year.  Jeff Waters seconded the motion and discussion followed.  Scott noted that the dues had not been increased for the past five to seven years.  George noted that other clubs in the area had dues that were much higher with less events offered.  Rick clarified that the dues were now $100 with a $25 discount if paid by March.  Allan commented that the youth members would not be impacted by as their dues are already $100. George amended his motion to change the dues to $125 annually with a $25 discount if paid by the Change of Watch Dinner.  Jeff Waters seconded the motion.  Sharron noted that the discount was added about five years ago to encourage members to pay dues in a timely fashion.  This was very effective in getting dues paid.  Additional discussion followed. The question was called and the motion was carried.  

IX  Adjournment


Rick adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.



Minutes submitted by

Anne Marie Evans, Secretary

2017 Colington Yacht Club Board